A Guide To 24 Inch Gaming Monitors

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By PeterLogan

If you are on the hunt for a 24 Inch gaming monitor, then there are a few things you need to learn before you buy. This guide will take you through the essential knowledge you should have before you part with your hard earned cash and commit to that exciting purchase. Read on to find out all about 24-inch gaming monitors.

They Solve Space Issues

If you don’t have a lot of space for a gaming setup, you don’t want that to negatively impact your gaming experience.  Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated gaming space, having their hardware in their bedroom instead, for example. That is why a 24 inch gaming monitor is the perfect answer. They are not tiny, but they also do not tend to take up all that much room. Therefore, you’re not compromising too heavily, and you also get a tidier screen that fits into the space you need it to fit into. It means less mess, it’s easier to tidy away if you need a dual gaming and workspace, and you also have more motivation to look after it better.

They Give A More Compact Gaming Experience

This is a preference for some gamers. Some prefer to be completely surrounded by the game with little room for anything else, but there are perks to a smaller screen as well. The 24 inch monitor can give a compact session, in that you have a screen that you can see everything on directly in front of your eyes. You can focus on the screen in its entirety and that makes it easy to keep track of everything that’s happening in the game. All of this means that you physically move around less while gaming and can therefore keep your concentration focussed on what’s important – playing the game! Being able to move just your eyes instead of your whole head is faster and more convenient.

They Make Low Resolution Look Good

Because these screens are on the smaller side, they can handle the lower resolutions better. There is less for them to translate, and they can make the lower resolutions look tolerable. So, if you have a budget screen and are worrying about the visuals being impacted, don’t stress. It won’t be the same as a top end 4K monitor display, but it won’t look terrible either. It also means your CPU has less work to do, alongside your GPU, as they don’t have as much information to translate and render. It could actually increase the longevity of your entire setup if used correctly.


Overall, if you are a seasoned and professional gamer, there is a lot to be said for a 24-inch monitor. They also fit in nicely with gaming environments that have less space, and games that require you to be focussed and engaged at all times owing to their better refresh rates. They have less obligation to perform visually, so you tend to get a faster game overall.