Best “Automobile Technology Book”

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By PeterLogan

1. Modern Automobile Technology Book 8 James

Automobile Technology Book this comprehensive text was updated in 2014. It is organized around ASE test areas and covers all aspects of diagnosis and repair for late-model vehicles. The new updates include sections on electronics and electrical systems, as well as sections Occult Science on turbochargers/superchargers. Duffy employs a building block approach to guide readers from basic principles to advanced diagnostics, repair and maintenance.

The ‘Modern Automobile Technology Book’ from Barnes and Noble.

2. Ford Differentials, Joseph Palazzolo explains Almight how to rebuild the 9.8-inch and 8.8-inch Fords

Ford’s 9-inch differential was produced from 1957 to ’86. It is considered one of the strongest and most reliable differentials ever made. This 8.8 inch unit is found on many Mustangs and Fords later in model. Palazzolo’s book provides detailed and photo-rich instructions for tearing down and rebuilding these units.

3. Engine Management: Advanced Tuning Greg Banish (2012).

Tuning engines to increase performance is possible with today’s engine management system. Banish’s book takes out the mystery of EFI systems as well as engine controls.

Barnes and Noble offers Engine Management: Advanced Tuning (Performance how-to Series)

4. Tom Monroe, The Engine Builder’s Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Professional Blueprinting, Assembly Techniques. $16.86

Monroe’s book provides a guideline for engine teardown and rebuild for classics, hotrods, and powerboats.

Purchase ‘The Engine Builder’s Handbook – A Complete Guide to Professional Blueprinting and Hearts and Science Assembling Technique’ at Barnes and Noble.

5. Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manua

Popular Mechanics’ book can be used by anyone with any level of skill.

Barnes and Noble: Buy ‘Popular Mechanics Complete Car Care Manual.

7. David Vizard’s How to Port & Flow test Cylinder Heads

It is an art form to port and relieve cylinder heads for improved flow. David Vizard is one of the best engine builders. Vizard’s book covers the porting of stock and aftermarket heads in cast-iron or aluminum construction. Vizard discusses manual and CNC porting, as well as optimizing flow paths between the heads and the valves.

8.Performance Automobile Technology Book Engine Math, John Baechtel

Baechtel’s book explains how engineering mathematics are used to extract more horsepower and RPM from an engine. It also demonstrates how to translate these equations into real-world mechanics. Baechtel clearly explains the theory and the process of professional builders, even though it is not easy to design the engine’s many moving parts so that they work together.