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By PeterLogan

What can we anticipate from Beauty Spectrum over the next few months?

There are a lot of things happening in the next few weeks so I am super excited to vlog them all. Beauty spectrum My trip to New York will probably be my most memorable time on my channel. My trip to New York is in the next few weeks. This coincides with my 18th birthday celebrations. Then, there are vlogmas! !

What is the first thing that you think about when working with a beauty spectrum brand?

It is so important to consider the quality of their emails. If brands take the time to email me using my name rather than ‘Beauty Spectrum, that tells me that they have put in effort. In the sense that all of my previous contacts have been very kind, I consider myself lucky.

Which or what beauty spectrum brand would you like to work for?

This is a very difficult question. I would love to work with Starbucks because it would be the most genuine brand/influencer collaboration I have ever seen, considering I spend half my time there. Urban Decay or them, they are both wonderful brands and my favorite makeup brand.

Do you ever feel pressure to manage the two with such an incredible channel and blog?

We are so grateful! No, YouTube is my main focus. I blog when I have something to say, and not if I am trying to follow a set schedule.

Who are your current favourite Youtubers?

Most likely Shane Dawson, Zoella and Sophdoesnails. These three YouTubers are very different, so it covers a wide variety of content. Zoe’s videos will always be my favorite, they are so cozy and intimate. Shane is my favorite channel for creepy conspiracy theories videos. Sophie is my go to makeup channel. She’s such an amazing person, I’m always drawn back to Sophie’s channel.

Are there Youtubers that you would like to collaborate with?

Recently, I collaborated with Sophie Foster. Sophie Foster has always been someone I wanted to film with. However, living so far from other people makes it difficult for me to do any type of collab. I would love to collaborate with Sophdoesnails or Hannah Renee.

There are so many videos on your channel. Do you have any favorites?

My vlogs are when I do something special. I love the idea of being able to look back on them one day when they’re done. They were originally filmed for me because I loved the idea of an ‘online diary’. Vlogging is my favorite!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

It’s hard because I would love to have a conversation about this with Molly younger than me. I would probably tell Molly to stop worrying about fitting in with certain people, or about stressing about the small things, and to just enjoy life as it is.

What do you think about Youtubers and Vloggers being portrayed in the media?

This is something that I am actually studying at college right now, and I have to admit that I don’t like it. Mainstream media can easily criticize YouTubers and Vloggers. This is partly because they don’t understand the subject, but also because Social Media has increased its reach. However, I don’t believe that mainstream media should be able to write negative articles about people who have succeeded in this field.

What are your current favorite CL products?

The new laptop cases are my favorite. I have one in holographic that I love and gets compliments every single time I take it to school. But the phone cases will remain a firm favorite!