How to Get “Colorless Demon Soul”?

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By PeterLogan

A Colorless Demon’s Soul, a type of soul object that players need to upgrade and make various weapons and shields in 2020’s remake of Demon’s Souls, is called a Colorless Demon’s Soul. This guide will show you how to obtain Colorless Demon Soul in Demon Souls Remake.

How to get a Colorless demon soul?

To put it simply, in order to obtain Colorless Demon Souls you must kill a Primeval Demon. Five of interfer these souls will be granted to you if you kill one. These Demons can be found in different areas of the game that resemble arenas.

The bosses have their own special attack Characteristics of Science patterns and a lot of health. If you plan to attack one of these demons, be careful. You can find all locations of Primeval Demons in the game by looking at the below list. To spawn demons, you must have at least -3 World Tendency.

Colorless Demon Soul

Boletarian Palace: You will need to start from the Archstone and go past the spot where the Official’s ray proscia Cap is located behind the portcullis at the Tower Knight Archstone. Follow the staircase to your right, passing two guards who will turn their backs on you. You will find a Primeval Demon in this area.

Stonefang Tunnel: Go to this area and look for a lever. Go to the balcony, then take the elevator ray proscia down. Below, the Primeval Demon awaits you.

Tower of Latria is a Primeval Demon that can be found in a swamp protected by a Giant Man Centipede. The Demon can be found off one of the boardwalks that lead to a dead-end.

Valley of Defilement: Turn left towards the village’s filthy woman and then head back into the swamp. Continue onwards to the ramp that leads to a slug colony. The Demon is located just past the nest, and you will see some mosquitoes.