Disney Princes

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By PeterLogan

The official Disney Princes line-up of male leads is the Disney Princes. While most of the princes have been deuteragonists in the past, others have been either protagonists (in Aladdin and Beast) or tritagonists as in the case Li Shang. These are The Prince, Prince Charming and Prince Phillip, Prince Eric and Prince Naveen, all of whom were born from royal heritage. Flynn Rider and Aladdin, both of whom became royalty after marrying princesses. John Smith and Li Shang, while not considered royalty, are still considered “princes” since their love interests, Pocahontas, and Mulan are official Disney Princes.

The Disney Princes

The Prince, also known as Prince Florian in the Disney Princes franchise, is Snow White’s love interest. He hears Snow White singing in the “wishing” well (“I’m Wishing”) while he is near the Queen’s Castle. He approaches her. He begins singing with her, scaring her and forcing her to flee from him into the castle. He sings “One Song” beneath her balcony because he is in love with her.

After Snow White is poisoned by an apple, her stepmother, The Queen, makes it clear that the Prince will not appear again. However, the Prince awakens her with his kiss and they ride off into sunset in their castle in heaven, to marry and live happily ever après.

Disney Princes Charming

Prince Henry, also known as Prince Charming is Cinderella’s love interest. Prince Charming falls in love with Cinderella as soon as she arrives at the ball. He dances with her the whole night. But Cinderella must leave the ball at midnight to avoid being discovered by Fairy Godmother. One of Cinderella’s glass slippers is left behind on the grand staircase as she flees. But she keeps running.

Prince Charming fails to pursue her and declares that the shoe’s owner will be his bride. After many days of searching, the Grand Duke finally finds Cinderella and places the shoe on her feet. Prince Charming then chooses her to be his bride and they marry happily ever after.

Disney Princes Phillip

Prince Phillip is Princess Aurora’s love interest from Sleeping Beauty. Prince Phillip, to his obvious dismay, was soon married to the princess. To protect Princess Aurora against Maleficent’s curse she is taken away by the three fairies and placed in a forest for 16 years. Aurora and Phillip are fortunate to meet in the forest and fall in love.

They don’t remember each other since childhood, but they feel like they have “Once Upon a Dream”. On her 16th birthday, Aurora falls into deep sleep and is cursed. Phillip, with the help of the fairies, defeats Maleficent and wakes Aurora from her deep sleep. They live happily ever after.


Prince Eric is the man who won Ariel’s heart in The Little Mermaid. Eric is saved by Ariel, who sings to him. He is immediately captivated by her beautiful singing voice. Ariel dives back into water just as Eric is coming to consciousness. The two of them never met again. Eric decides to marry the woman who saved him, the owner of his beautiful voice.

Eric is shocked to learn that Ariel, a Disney Princes human who has been left mute, returns to shore. She sold her voice to Ursula, the Sea Witch, in exchange for his legs. Ursula transforms into Vanessa, a beautiful girl, and forces Eric to marry her. Ariel is able to crash the wedding and then her voice returns.

Ariel turns back into a Mermaid and Vanessa is now Ursula, determined to end Eric and Ariel’s lives. But Eric manages to impale Ursula by hitting her with the stern on a sunken ship and saving their lives. Ariel quickly becomes a human thanks to her father, and Eric and Ariel finally wed and lived happily ever after.