Isaac Science: One Year on

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By PeterLogan

Over 2000 teachers and 18,000 students joined the Computer isaac science community in September 2019. We are humbled by your confidence in us and consider it an honor to be able support you during these difficult times. We are grateful. Your support will allow us to continue improving!

“Computer isaac science was incorporated into our A-level teaching from the beginning of the academic year. The platform has seen a rise in quality and quantity as well as student engagement. My students love the gameboards, assessments, and virtual school they ran because of the Covid-19 situation. They found the platform to be much more engaging than other resources. Isaac made it easy for them to access the entire course content. They found it the supers accessible and comprehensive, which allowed Isaac to minimize disruptions to their learning.

Computer isaac science the Platform

Although we launched our platform with just a few topics for curriculum last year, we have since uploaded 39 topics that include 434 self-marking question topics. To create 213 question hint videos, we also teamed up to Craig ‘n’ Dave, online learning giants. This resulted in a collection of learning resources that cover all aspects of AQA and OCR computer science.

We have also added new features to the platform and improved its functionality.

  • As a teacher, you have the ability to create and customise your own questions boards
  • Different types of questions can be launched, like Parson’s Problems
  • Students can keep track of their progress by visiting the ‘My Progress” page
  • Event management software that integrates seamlessly for event organizers
  • Our monthly Computer Scientist of the Month article and Everyday Hero article are published in this news section

“Isaac Computer Science was the platform that helped ease the difficulties of learning and teaching during school closure. It is simple to use and offers multiple assessment tools to help students track their progress. Computer Isaac Science allowed me to concentrate fully on my students and ensure that no one was left behind.

I look forward to fully integrating Computer Isaac Science into the curriculum at Exeter Maths School. And, I’m excited to be able to share my experiences with colleagues at other schools. Computer Isaac Science is a great tool for any department in closing the gaps in attainment that have been revealed over recent months. I recommend every teacher to look at the entire range of courses available.

– Melanie Dennig is the Lead Teacher in Computer Science at Exeter Mathematics School

Events isaac science

These events are a great way for teachers to get free CPD training that was previously unavailable for A-level computer science. Our first Discovery event was held in Cambridge. Simon Peyton Jones, NCCE Chair, gave a keynote address and we were joined with great speakers from academia and industry. It was wonderful to allow students to discover the incredible possibilities that a career as a computer scientist could open up for them.