Fred Maxik “Lighting Science” Talks

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By PeterLogan

Research has shown that good sleep is crucial for a healthy, happy and functioning person. Modern humans are increasingly able to type and scroll into the early hours of the morning, despite the advances in technology. Exposure to light before bed can have negative effects on the body. It can disrupt our circadian rhythms, suppress our ability to make melatonin, which is the hormone that regulates our sleep cycles and wake cycles. Not only will you feel tired and irritable, but it can also have long-term negative effects such as depression, immune stress and weight gain. There are many researchers who harness the power of the lighting science spectrum to create light bulbs that work with the environment and our bodies, instead of against them.

We reached out to Fred Maxik, Lighting Science Group’s incredible science Chief Technology Officer, to find out more about urban lighting and to get some tips and tricks on improving your health, productivity, and happiness. Lighting Science is a world-renowned LED manufacturer and has worked with many people, including NASA, national sports teams, and the creators of Lowline Underground Park.

How did you become Involved in Lighting Science for Health?

Fred: The company was founded by me 16 years ago. It was born from the need to look at the possibilities for long-lasting lights, energy efficiency and the ability to use light in different ways. We wanted to continue to improve the technology to enable them to be used as lighting, so we developed solid state devices, lasers, and LEDs.


We have listed some options for each room, both from Lighting Science and other bulb manufacturers.

Good Night bulbs by Lighting Science – $34.95 This light helps you maintain a healthy circadian rhythm by supporting melatonin.

Drift Light by Saffron Lighting, $29.95: The Drift automatically dims to mimic the setting sun, allowing you to drift into a dreamland. It can be set to dim to “moonlight” mode, which transforms the bulb into night light.

Lighting Science – Awake & Alert – $39.95 It can be used in the kitchen, family/living areas, and elsewhere. It can also be used to treat SAD and Delayed sleep phase Disorder.