Mobile Vids: What You Need to Know?

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By PeterLogan

Mobile Vids is a common task for everyone; people love to capture video with their smartphones. We are grateful to Tech for this amazing opportunity.

All of the necessary information is at your fingertips, including white balance, lighting and exposure. Are you still unsure if your mobile video skills are sufficient to create quality videos for your business? Are you unsure if your skills could be improved?

Don’t worry if this is you! These are the top mobile vids tips for 2019 that will help you produce high-quality video and make your videos stand out from the rest.

Mobile Vids Tips: How to Shoot Successive Smartphone Videos for Your Business

Always shoot mobile vids videos for a social media platform

Are you looking to create a video for social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook? If so, it is a good idea to shoot vertically (or in portrait mode). People love vertical videos on mobile phones because it allows them to see the whole screen, which focuses their attention on the video. Mobile vids users tend to hold their phones upright 94% of time. If you want to target your audience with mobile devices, consider shooting portrait mode.

Amazing Statistic: Snapchat reports that advertisers have 9 times the completion rate of vertical video ads than they do with horizontal ads.

TIP: Shoot vertical videos in the past. It was unusual and unheard of to shoot vertical videos. This method is still not ideal for all situations, so be cautious! Shoot horizontally, also known as landscape mode, if you are shooting for TV, YouTube or Vimeo.

Keep your Audio Game on Top

Mobile videos are dominated by audio. Even if your content is excellent, poor sound quality can lead to low-quality videos. You can make mobile vids videos look great by investing in quality audio equipment like a microphone.

Use Cinematographic Techniques

A mix of basic camera movements can be used to create a professional-looking video. To bring your mobile videos to the next level, you can use a variety of cinematographic techniques. The choice of techniques will depend on how creative a person is and what he portrays the scene.