MSI Status 14 Evo evaluation: Priced Very Low, driven Upward

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By PeterLogan

MSI is also Famous for the gambling equipment, however also the Firm has produced continued efforts to proceed over and above its own specialization. As makes such as Razer have achieved, MSI would like to leverage its own good standing in gambling to expand in to more main stream laptop computers.

The Status 14 Evo is the newest — and possibly Most challenging — try and accomplish this but. MSI spent some time working closely together with Intel on its own 11th-gen Tiger Lake chips, in addition to its own new Evo certificate (thus the title ).

My inspection unit comes with an 11th-gen Intel Core I7-1185G7, that’s the speediest Tiger Lake CPU, in addition to 16GB of RAM as well as also a 1TB solidstate generate (SSD). Even the 14-inch notebook is priced at £ 1,199, a very minimal selling cost tag for this a luxury setup. It becoming offered as low as £ 950 at a few merchants. However, can it be sufficient to persuade me MSI comes with a long time beyond gambling?


Let us receive some queries regarding”cheapness” Out-of Exactly The best manner. Even the status 14 Evo is made out of aluminum and also feels sound all over. In other words, but for your exhibit, that includes a few bend once you employ strain. Both keyboard and lid underside feel hardy, which makes the total belief of build-quality that is sound. It a halfstep supporting famous brands Lenovo and a sus from the 14-inch category, also Dell and HP when you should be taking a look at 13-inch alternate options. Even the status 14 Evo will not experience”affordable,” however, it might undoubtedly gain out of the milder lid.

It Is Likewise an appealing apparatus having three colour Possibilities: Carbon grey, Rose Pink, and pure-white. I got the Carbon grey variation, also it preserves a darker shape. Inspite of the chamfered advantages, it is really a conservatively intended notebook free of bling in any respect. The MSI emblem can be at a darkened color around the lid and simple to overlook if you don’t look in only the most suitable angle. The lines are both clear and refined, having a solid imprint in the floor in the back to front.

There is absolutely no sin at all.

I will notice the Carbon Grey Surface Area is really a Fingerprint magnet, which is perhaps maybe not so simple to completely wash off smudges.

The screen hinge lifts the Rear of the chassis Well away from the desk, supplying loads of space under for atmosphere to sound and move to flee at the double speakers. Even the a sus ZenBook UX425EA is comparable, but a sus adds some dash together with concentric rings piled right into the lid.

Even the Status 14 Evo is slim and mild to get a 14-inch notebook at 0.63 inches along with 2.85 lbs, even though it isn’t the lightest nor the lightest you are able to buy within this type of equipment. Even the ZenBook 14 is 0.54 inches along with 2.58 lbs, whereas the Acer Swift 5 is still just another Tiger Lake 14-inch notebook that is even milder even now at 2.31 lbs. It is 0.59 inches depth sits directly among the MSI and also the a Sus.

Every One of these machines appreciates little bezels, together with Roughly 90 percent screen-to-body ratios, and thus each features a contemporary appearance using the lid available. Discussing of this lid, the more status 14 Evo’s hinge is well designed, necessitating only 1 hands to start all while resisting wobble.


The MSI Status 14 Evo Is among the speediest Laptops within its category I’ve reviewed. That appears impressive in the outside, however it is the very first notebook with all the Core i7-1185G7 I have analyzed. I am learning what is expected in Intel’s most up-to-date creation of chips, however, only one thing is for certain: ” The MSI status 14 Evo has me really impressed.

The Very First test I conducted was PCMark 10, I have Run onto a small number of latest laptop computers which comprised 1oth- and – 11th-gen Intel CPUs. Even the status 14 Evo scored second-highest one of this category in 4866, dropping just into the Lenovo Yoga 9i together using the six-core,” 45-watt Core i7-10750H CPU in 5173.

The MSI Status 14 Evo Is among the speediest Laptops within its own category.

Even the Status 14 Evo was quicker compared to Every Other Tiger Lake notebook we analyzed by way of a neutral margin. The nearest Tiger Lake competition has been that the Porsche layout Acer e-book R S having its unbelievably speedy Core i5-1135G7. Studying the PCMark 10 Total evaluation’s respective parts, the status 14 Evo was specially solid in productiveness (dictionary and wordprocessing job ) and production (photo-editing, online movie playback and rendering ( and video editing) activities, even though decreasing below some different laptops just while inside the fundamentals (program startup, video conferencing ( web surfing ) class )

These outcomes create the MSI a comparatively quicker Notebook in tougher duties than it’s at essential calculating, Thus if you are going to be more surfing the internet and paying less Zoom, afterward that you definitely don’t require the MSI’s electrical electricity.