Occult Science: Why Should you Study it?

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By PeterLogan

Occult Science refers to the systematic study and application of hidden laws and principles that govern man and the universe. It encompasses everything modern science has learned about the material world. However, it also includes subjects that material science is not as familiar with, such as philosophy and higher ethics.


What is Ocult Science? What is astrology? Kabbalah? Fortune-telling using the tarot or numerology, runes, or even insipid Tea leaves Is it casting spells, summoning’spirits’ or creating’sigils’? It can be found in Shamanism, Chaos Magick of Witchcraft, and Shamanism. It is not in any of these, although some of them fall under the umbrella of the Occult ARTS. These are different from the occult CRITIES. This page is for those who believe that this is the occult SCIENCES. We recommend you read our Occult FAQ. It explains what occult Science is and isn’t.

Many seekers believe that this is not true, despite the fact that we all know it’s impossible to achieve anything in life without hard work, dedication, and patience. Anyone who has completed an academic degree at university knows that mastering any scientific subject takes hard work. Occult science encompasses all of the physical sciences plus philosophy and a host other related subjects that material science doesn’t know much about.

The Golden Thread of Knowledge

The phrase “fools paradise” seems to be the best way to summarize human history and human endeavor, particularly when looking at the current state of the world. . . We repeat that something deep within us insists that there is a meaning to this whole chaotic pattern, if we only could find it. Occult science is a satisfying and complete science that gradually reveals the Divine plan, meaning and purpose of life in all it’s sublime grandeur. This understanding will help us to see that there is no random, illogical or meaningless life. Occult science can help us to see the spiritual and physical Laws that govern our universe.

“There aren’t many people in the West who claim to be ‘Occultists’ and have any idea of the Science they want to learn. They are all, with a few exceptions on the road to Sorcery. Before they protest against this statement, let them bring order to the chaos in their heads. They should first understand the relationship between Occultism and Occult Science, and then be angry if they think otherwise.