Season of Snow Mobile Drag Racing Starting

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By PeterLogan

Labrador is not the first place to see snowmobile drag racing. Although it was very popular in the past, interest has waned over time. It seems to be gaining popularity in Labrador West. Labrador Race to the Top is getting more and more popular every year.

Kellen Pelley, technical director at SaltWire, stated that “there’s a lot people interested.” “This year, snowmobile drag snow mobile drag racing and modifications for it are a big hit.” It’s very competitive.”

Last year, there were only a handful of races. The second year had a full season. Pelley stated that they have been trying to get things organized and set up solid rules.

They looked at similar events in other regions and examined international rules to set the scene for the Race to the Top. They then presented the idea to the racers for feedback on what they liked and what they didn’t like.

“We didn’t just say, “Here are the rules”, we listened to the racers and figured out what would work and what wouldn’t. We try to be fair.

He said that they are using the same rules as last year. They now have a complete season under their belts and can better predict what would work.

You can race in four classes: Trail stock (pro stock), Pro Stock (improved trail stock) and Open. Pelley stated that they hope to make it available to everyone, from casual snow mobile drag racing enthusiasts to serious racers.

He stated that they have been discussing the possibility of bringing back races in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, just like when he was growing up.

He said that people were competing for the ‘Labrador Triple Crown,’ which includes races in Labrador West and Happy Valley-Goose Bay, as well as Fremont, QC.

Pelley stated that they have been in contact with Fremont’s interested group and are interested in seeing if any other Happy Valley-Goose Bay residents would be interested in establishing races again. They are also looking for ways to make it easier to bring Happy Valley-Goose Bay residents to Labrador West for race.

He advised anyone who is interested to contact him, either through his Facebook group or individually.

February 16th will be the first race day of the year. Registration at the White Wolf Snow Mobile Drag Racing Club begins at 9 a.m.