Comparison of Sisense vs. Power BI: Software

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By PeterLogan

Business intelligence tools turn raw data into actionable insights that businesses can use for better decision-making. Data is the most valuable resource in an organization. Without BI tools, however, it is difficult to understand your data.

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What is Sisense?

Sisense, a business intelligence platform, enables organizations “infuse analysis everywhere,” according to the platform. This includes customer and employee applications as well as workflows. Sisense provides a variety of BI tools including data modeling, data visualization, and AI analytics. It was built to scale easily and features security features like attack surface monitoring, disaster recovery, and other security features.

What is PowerBI?

Microsoft has created Power BI, a business intelligence tool. Power BI provides many BI tools including data visualization, AI capabilities, and data connectors. Power BI is a Microsoft product and integrates with Excel to allow organizations to fully visualize their spreadsheet data. Power BI offers robust data security features, such as real-time access monitoring and end-to-end encryption.

Sisense vs. Power BI: Feature comparison

Sisense and Power BI have very similar features. There are slight differences, however, as with all BI tools.

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Microsoft designed Power BI, which shares many of the controls found in Microsoft 365 apps like Word and Excel. Power BI integrates well with Excel. Microsoft Power BI is likely to be familiar to Microsoft Power BI power users. To use Power BI effectively, those who don’t have Microsoft 365 must learn it.

  • Data connections

Sisense and Power BI allow businesses to connect data sources using built-in connectors. Sisense currently provides over 100 data connectors including Azure Synapse and Google BigQuery, MySQL Snowflake, Snowflake, SQL Server, Snowflake, and SQL Server. Power BI offers more than 500 data connectors.

It is important to mention Sisense Elasticube. Sisense’s Elasticube is a proprietary analytics cache that allows organizations to pull data from multiple sources and then manipulate it as one data set. Sisense claims that the Elasticube can return queries of millions upon millions of rows of raw data within seconds.

  • Data visualization

Sisense and Power BI both offer a variety of data visualization options. Businesses have access to a large library of pre-configured Power BI data visualizations. This includes charts, graphs timelines, and calendars.

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Sisense provides a drag-and drop interface that allows for visualization and dashboard creation. Sisense offers interactive visualizations that allow companies to move beyond charts and graphs. Both platforms allow you to create custom dashboards or visualizations.

  • AI analytics

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have made it easier to analyze data. Sisense and Power BI both offer AI analytics tools that make data analysis easier.

Sisense, for example, offers forecasting capabilities that allow users to see how changes will impact future values. “Simply Ask”, a natural language query feature, is also available on the platform. Users can ask queries about their data, and get visualizations to help them answer. Sisense provides suggestions for queries and automatically generates them. This makes this tool an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain insights.

  • Analytics embedded

Businesses often use tools such as Sisense or Power BI to discover internal data insights. These tools can also be used to embed analytics dashboards branded into customer-facing apps or products.

This capability is offered by both Sisense as Power BI. Sisense’s Fusion Embed solution, for example, was created to enable white-labeled analytics experiences within apps. It allows businesses to provide predictive analytics, natural querying, and other services for different skill levels.

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Choose between Sisense or Power BI

Sisense and Power BI share many of the same features, making them great choices for small and large businesses. Power BI may be the best choice for businesses that are currently harnessing Microsoft’s power. Power BI is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 apps including Excel.