Sun and Moon How to Get “Surfing Pikachu”

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By PeterLogan

There are many forms of Pikachu, and one of them. Surfing Pikachu was a minor character in the older games. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon players have the option to get Surfing Pikachu whenever they wish. You don’t need to worry about it. Just follow the guide and you will be able to purchase your favorite surfing electric mouse.

How to Surfing Pikachu?

Two prerequisites are required to get this Pokemon:

The ability to travel to all four youtbe islands utep political science. However, you won’t necessarily finish the game.

Breaking the record by unlocking Mantine Surf

Mantine Surf, a mini-game found in Pokemon Ultra Sun or Moon, is mentioned previously. This is where things get a bit more complicated: to unlock the Pokemon, players must beat the Mantine Surf record and win the first place.

The Pokemon will be available after you beat the records for each island. Then, head to Heahea and the surf shop. Talk to the owner, and you  will be able to get your Surfing Pikachu. But, I recommend you save your file. Surfing Pikachu does not require you to be shiny or nature-locked. This makes it possible for you to obtain a variety of Pikachu.

This variant of Pikachu can be evolved by almight players to create an Alolan Raichu who knows Surf. Pikachu is an electrical type so having Surf in your move set will give you an advantage over Ground Type Pokemon.