Three of the Best Glass Top Computer Desk

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By PeterLogan

You can give your office a unique look by choosing one of the top glass top computer desk. These desks are more fragile. All of the computer desks are made from tempered glass. Even better, you can even pour your coffee directly onto the glass top computer desk. It can be difficult to find a glass desk in a local furniture store. You might also have trouble finding one that isn’t made of wood. Instead, you can order one of these glass desks online and put it together yourself.

1. Glass Top Computer Desk Z-Line Cyrus Workstation

This computer desk features a large, transparent glass desktop that is ideal for aesthetics and storage. Because the glass is transparent, the desktop can feel more spacious. It allows natural light to shine through the desk when it is placed in a corner. This makes it less dark than other wooden options.


  • Made from tempered glass
  • Easy transportation with casters
  • This shelf is made with a hatch-style top storage shelf
  • A pull-out keyboard tray provides enough space for a mouse.
  • It can hold up to 71lbs

2. Jerry & Maggie Tempered Glass Top Computer Desk

Jerry & Maggie offers solid glass desks that will work well for any type of computer. These modern desks feature thick metal legs that are the most contemporary.

It is made entirely from one piece tempered glass top computer desk. It is thick and sturdy enough to hold two large monitors or laptops. The desktop measures 47 inches in length and is ideal for your entire office setup.


  • Made with a 47″ x 23” glass top computer desk
  • Large rectangular steel legs
  • Modern waterproof design
  • The most stable and sturdy desk for heavy loads

3. Christopher Knight Home Eghan Tempered Glass Computer Desk

This is the best glass for minimalist desks. This glass has received excellent reviews for its durability and aesthetics.

The desk’s legs are located towards the back of your desktop. This makes the desk look more like a desk than a table. This simple arrangement is also a testament to the high quality materials used. The top surface is made of thick 10mm glass. This means that you don’t need to worry about the glass breaking or shattering even if your keyboard is used all day.


  • Made from durable iron tubing
  • It also includes a 10mm tempered top
  • The simplest of workstations made of glass
  • Based on a 47-inch long desktop workspace