Things You Need to Remember About Cables When You Are Packing Up Your House

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By PeterLogan


The many different moving parts of moving can be overwhelming to even the most adept planner. There are a ton of different things you need to consider when you are moving and it is not always easy to remember them all. Even armed with a to-do list, there still may be things that will slip through the cracks.

The important part to remember when moving is to not panic. Everything will get done, it may not all be perfect, but things will get done and you will be able to move into your new house. It is important to remember not to let the stress of moving completely overwhelm you.

If you let moving stress overwhelm you, you will not be able to think clearly and this will lead to you forgetting more things and having a short fuse with the people you care about. Here are some things to remember when you are packing to help make your moving a bit easier.


Labeling boxes and color-coding boxes is a great way for you to stay organized when you are moving. It gives you the freedom to be able to glance at a box and know where it came from and where it is supposed to go. In the long run, color-coding boxes can help you save time and not lose items.

Packing Neatly with Velcro Tie Wraps

Many people start to pack up their homes by just stuff items in boxes. While this is one method of packing, it is hardly efficient and leads to wasted space and you may have to get more boxes.

Be organized when you pack. If you are packing up clothes, avoid tossing them in a box or a bag, instead, neatly stack them so that you can just unpack your clothes and put them directly in a drawer.

If you are packing up your office, do not dump the drawers into a box. This leads to tangled wires and cables. Make use of Velcro tie wraps to neatly wrap up your cables so that they do not become a cluttered mess.


Moving is a great time for you to start going through what you have and evaluating if it is something you need. If you are downsizing your home, you may need to sell items or get rid of them. Use moving as a time to purge the things you no longer want. Consider donating items to a thrift store rather than throwing them away.

You may have clothes that you forgot that you had or no longer wear. Donating these items is a good way to get rid of them without being wasteful. If you are unsure if you should keep something or get rid of it, set it aside and think about it for a day or two.

Start Packing By Room

Start with packing by the room. Sometimes you may not know exactly where to start, choosing a room and starting there is a good way to give yourself a place to start. If you have an office that you do not spend a ton of time in, consider starting pack it up. Pack your computer, use Velcro cable ties to organize your cables, and add unneeded office supplies to a box. 

Do Not Wait Till the Last Minute

Avoid waiting too long when it comes to packing. You want to give yourself enough time to be able to pack and not have to rush at the last second. It is sometimes hard to know where to get started and then you just put it off until the last possible second. Just start with something small, make an effort to pack something daily.

Avoid Spending Money Unnecessarily on Velcro Tie Wraps

When it comes to moving, people think that they need to spend a lot of money. People will buy packing paper, new boxes, rent large vans, and hire movers in order to move. This may be needed sometimes, but if you want to save money you can find cheaper ways to move.

Using newspaper is perfect as an alternative to packing paper. Grab old newspapers from work or start saving them a few weeks prior to packing. If you order items in the mail, save the boxes so that you can reuse them for packing up your stuff. Ask friends to help you pack and move and offer to buy them beer and pizza.

Packing Up Your House with Cable Wraps

You need to be strategic when it comes to packing up your house. Before you dive in consider making a plan first. Think of the tools you will need in order to actually pack and look for creative ways to save money. You can move and save money and still be organized, it just takes a little bit of prep.