Five Benefits of Owning a “Youtbe”

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By PeterLogan

Since we launched the ASPCA Youtbe channel a few month ago, we have been getting a lot of questions via video. I decided to write a post about the 7 benefits of a Youtube channel. My core belief is that adding video to your channel is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and creating high quality content in a different medium than what’s available elsewhere.

1. Give your Audience More Content

A YouTube channel and video are great ways to provide more content to your audience. People will stay longer if they have access to a lot of useful content that solves their problems. Even though we have only been in MOBILE WELDING business for seven months and have 50 videos, we have seen a lot of engagement.

2. You can also find Additional Traffic Sources

The nice side effect of adding extra content to your site is that it drives more visitors. You can be found on YouTube and your website. While we drive more traffic to our youtbe channel from our website than we do to it, we are beginning to see more people come to us the other direction. If you have a blog about food, you will likely see the same results in the beginning. Especially if your most popular posts are video-based. It can also help you grow your brand. Video taken in another place can help you get your brand noticed and increase the expertise and awareness of your customers.

3. A Closer Personal Connection

We have observed that video encourages familiarity which helps to build a community. Video allows you to build a deeper relationship with people, allowing them to get to know you better and how you react to different situations. It’s a great way to feel connected with someone working on a problem, or in this case, cooking. People I trust and learn from are usually those who have video. I enjoy learning and engaging in this way.

4. Another Source Of Revenue

You can also make additional revenue from your blog through it. It creates additional content and a product which can be sold on youtbe. This is a great way to make an extra income stream.

5. Modernizing

Video is hot right now! We felt that video was a great way to stand out. Although there are many bloggers who have jumped into the video niche, and a lot more people who make a living from their Youtube channels right now alone, there wasn’t much of a youtbe food blogger with videos and photos. There were a few people who did both the video White Computer Case and the photos, but not many doing both.