Family Fun Activities for Kids’ Summer Party

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By PeterLogan

A summer party for kids is a great way to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. The activities are great for both children and adults, and families can have time together. Check out our party ideas to spice up your event. Our scavenger hunt games that are pre-made can be used indoors and outdoors for small or large parties. All the information is provided and sent directly to you via email. Treasure hunts speurtocht kinderfeestje are an incredibly fun activity of about 40 minutes that could be described as the cherry on top! There are many themes to choose from and the story and riddles can be adapted to the child’s age (4-6 years old or 7-10 years). It’s simple for you, but it’s great fun for your children!

Water Fights

A water fight is a great game that’s fun for everyone. Make sure you have plenty of colourful balloons available and set up safe zones for people who don’t want to participate or need to take a break. A water version of dodgeball is possible by dividing the garden in half and requiring that a person who gets hit goes to the opposite side. As long as the balloon doesn’t burst, that person is reinstated. The team with the most players is the losing one. Because they will all be sopping wet, it will be easy for them to be identified.

Garden Olympic Games

It’s a great idea to create a series of games similar to sports day. You can either play as an individual or in teams, and then nominate players to represent each team. This will allow you to find the right game for everyone. There are many games you can choose from: a sack race to see who can hula hoop the longest; or set up buckets with different values so that everyone can score more points by placing their bean bag or tennis balls in the highest scoring buckets.

Fancy Dress Race

The fancy dress race is a sure way to make everyone laugh. Each team should have one set of funny clothing. This includes a wig, dress, trousers, handbag and shoes. It doesn’t matter if your sizes aren’t exactly the same – it adds to the challenge of trying to fit into tiny shoes or pull on huge trousers while you run. Each item should be placed a few metres apart and organized in a separate line for each team. The contestants must sprint to the item of clothing they choose, then sprint back to their starting line. They can continue this process until they have all the clothes. It’s a sprint to the finish!

Silly stomachs

You will race other pairs by holding a balloon between your stomachs. It’s similar to egg and spoon racing, but a lot more fun. You must go back to the beginning if the balloon falls to ground. This is also possible with water balloons. This makes it a lot more fun if the balloons burst while you hold them between your stomach and head.

The Cool Down

Have a paddling pool? Need a hose? It’s a great way to entertain your kids. Although it is a lot fun, you don’t really need the pool. You can also play “Hose Fire it” with your kids, and have them run off while you soak them. !

Tell the children to find a beach ball. The ball’s holder is the ‘it’. You can play music behind the ball and if it stops, it means that the person holding the dice has been blown up and squirted using the hose. The object of this game is not to get blown up. Even though everyone will want to be sprayed, the object of the game is not to blow up. All other children must run from the ball. To make the ball ‘it,’ the child who holds it must run after another person and touch them with the ball. They can touch the ball with their fingers, but they must not touch the person before they become it. The bomb must be passed to someone else before the music stops. The music should be paused at some point to indicate that the bomb has gone off. For an extra effect, get the children to shout KABOOOM!

If someone has been shot, get the hose ready and soak them! To signify that someone has been blown up. Next, start the music again and continue the game.

Children’s party entertainers

After you’ve played through many summer party games, everyone will be ready to have a barbecue and sit down. After all the fun, the children will be eager for a barbecue. It might be a good idea to invite a children’s entertainer to keep the children happy while the adults have a chat. You can find children’s entertainers on our website.