How Hearts and Science are Transforming Programmatic with Data

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By PeterLogan

Every industry is benefiting from digital technology. These amazing innovations have a profound impact on the way businesses are conducted.

Data is at the heart of all these new business models. Digital technology produces a lot of data that you can analyze and turn into useful insights. These insights can be used to improve processes and procedures, and to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

Hearts and Science, a programmatic agency, knows that data has the potential to transform digital businesses. Hearts & Science was founded by Omnicom to serve Procter & Gamble. It uses data to improve programmatic buying.

Hearts  and Science

Hearts and Science, a programmatic agency leader, is committed to driving industry change. This includes not only changing the way digital advertising space is purchased and sold but also applying those methods to the planning and measurement of linear television.

We used to focus on context, but then we moved too far back to focusing on the audience. Megan Pagliuca, Chief Data Officer at Hearts and Science, stated that audience-buying should be based on experience and context. “People have believed that data can be driven by a single department within an organization. However, it cannot be done throughout the entire organization. Data is the new oil. It’s a competitive advantage.

Hearts and Science emphasizes the importance of agencies having access to their data. This is a key step to ensuring that agencies have the best chance of helping their clients succeed. Hearts and Science does this by using Omnicon’s Omni Platform. This gives them a real world view of consumers, their behavior, and matches it against the available inventory to drive sales.

Programmatic Data

Omnicon’s Omni Platform can be described as a people-based precision and insight platform. The Omni Platform is able to capture one view of the consumer, track that information, and then share it with other practices such as creative, customer relations management, media, and media.

Agency Hearts And Science, for example, can use this platform to generate insights, build audiences and plan channels. They can also engage in creative development, message distribution, and other activities.

“Hearts and Science uses Omnicom Media Group’s identity graph via Omni platform to get a real-world understanding of consumers and their behavior. Then, it matches that information with an inventory graph of available SKUs to create a more valuable consumer experience, in the right context, and ultimately, a better ROI,” Pagliuca continues. This allows us to gain valuable insights from each group and gives the strategy team a complete view of each consumer.