Is it Possible for a Cactus Computer to Absorb Radiation?

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By PeterLogan

There are many interesting facts on the internet, such as the claim that a potted cactus placed next to your cactus machine will absorb radiation and make it safer.

You shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you see on the internet.

Can a Cactus absorb Radiation from the Sun?

Cacti don’t absorb radiation and magnets are not for harmful radiation. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about your cactus computer use.

There is some truth to this legend. Cacti can absorb radiation but not in the manner you might imagine.

Cacti and Radiations: The Legend

Many pseudoscience websites claim that electromagnetic radiation from the cactus computer can cause many health problems, including fatigue, memory problems, headaches, and insomnia.

They recommend that you fill your home with houseplants, particularly cactus, to limit the radiation.

These websites often cite unnamed NASA studies to back up their claims. They claim that cacti are excellent at absorbing and attracting radiation.

The Myth of the Debunking

This myth is easiest to disprove because of the claimed NASA support. Although NASA studies plants and does consider radiation (without Earth’s protective atmosphere, space has higher levels of harmful radiation than Earth’s surface), NASA’s studies are primarily about how plants survive.

These are the same things that you would need to know if your greenhouse or garden was built in space. Not a radiation shield made of cactus!

Another thing to remember is that NASA is currently considering ionizing radiation. This refers to high energy particles and rays that alter molecular structure.

Are Cactus Computers really Emitting harmful Radiation?

Here’s the truth. The electromagnetic frequency (EMF), radiation emitted by smartphones, cactus computers and other tech devices is quite high.

This radiation is low-energy and non-ionizing. There’s little evidence it’s dangerous to humans, animals, or plants.

Radiation is a term that conjures up images such as nuclear disasters and cancer. However, it’s easy to understand why people are worried about radiation even though it’s a different kind.

EMF radiation can have an impact on how you feel, just as some people are sensitive to loud noises or strong smells.

Can Cacti Block Radiation from the Sun?

Science has proven that EMF radiation can be harmless. However, you should still reduce your exposure to it.

Although it might not be of any benefit, it is certainly not going to harm.

Is it possible to stick a cactus near your cactus computer?

The short answer to this question is no. Radiation travels in straight lines so you can limit your radiation exposure with a cactus.