Shuichi Saihara:Before Joining Danganronpa

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By PeterLogan

Danganronpa V3 CG – Shuichi Saihara’s Audition

Tsumugi Shirogane claims that Shuichi Saihara loves a reality series featuring deadly games called Danganronpa. It was created by Team Danganronpa. He revealed in his audience tape that he was excited to be the Ultimate Detective as he loves the characters associated with these titles. He will do everything he can to solve a mystery that will be astonished viewers.

Shuichi was one of the 53rd Killing Game participants who were not talented. He underwent the fabrication process where all his memories and personality were permanently altered. The Ultimate Detective, his desired talent and title, was also granted to him. All this was done to please Danganronpa from all over the globe. Shuichi Saihara, who was completely different from the others, entered the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, officially beginning the 53rd killing season, known as the Killing School Sem.

Fabricated Past

Shuichi Saihara’s memories were created by Team Danganronpa after he was accepted for the 53rd Killing Game.

Shuichi’s parents were a prominent actor and screenwriter. Shuichi moved in with his uncle and wife after he lost his job. Shuichi says there is no sad story, but his parents are neglectful to him and he smiles bitterly when he speaks about them. Shuichi, to show his appreciation to his uncle, worked as his assistant at his detective agency. He was just helping and didn’t want to become a detective, but he did learn to be one through this experience.

The situation was actually more hentainexus complicated. Shuichi captured the culprit and his eyes were filled with hatred and malice when he looked at Shuichi. The boy will never forget that look. Shuichi later learned that the culprit had murdered the victim in revenge for his family. The victim was a terrible person who had tricked his family into giving up and drove them to suicide. Shuichi felt guilty about “siding” with the victim, and believed everything was his fault for exposing the truth. Shuichi developed a fear of the truth and began wearing a hat to avoid looking at other people’s eyes.

Shuichi Saihara was selected Along

Shuichi Saihara was selected along with fifteen other high school students to take part. They did not want to leave their loved ones and tried to escape the plan.

A cult of extremism was established around that time. They believed the meteor crashes were punishment for humanity and heard about The Gofer Project. The “Ultimate Hunt”, which spread around the globe, was started, and sixteen students were arrested.