Heroic 5 Times “Zeke Yeager”

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By PeterLogan

Zeke Yeager was the antagonist of Attack on Titan. Zeke Yeager used the Beast Titan’s formidable wingspan to whip projectiles at his enemies with deadly force. He became an enemy of Levi Ackerman.

Despite his many atrocities, Zeke yeager is a remarkable man with a surprising amount of actions and sentiments. This suggests that he’s not as evil as it seems. We can see if his noblest actions were compared with his worst crimes to better judge if his legacy was positive.

Hero: Zeke yeager, Trained with The Warriors To Secure the Beast Titan For Eldian Insurrectionists

Zeke Yeager was the son of Grisha Yeager and had high hopes for the future. His parents insisted that Zeke yeager become a soldier candidate and work hard to obtain the Beast Titan. This power would be used against the Marleyan state to liberate the Eldian people.

Zeke was a creditable man who tried his best to fulfill his father’s dream and free his people from the oppression they had endured for generations.

Villain: Zeke sold his parents to the state

Zeke would eventually betray his parents trust and sell them to the Marleyan government. His actions brought an end to the Eldian rebellion and created hundreds of pure Titans who would attack Paradis.

Although his treachery was clearly evil, zeke Yeager isn’t to blame. His parents rarely spent time with him, or showed him love. Tom Ksaver, who served as an ersatz dad figure, told him that if the rebellion was discovered, he would be indicted too.

Hero: Zeke yeager Takes a Dive at The Battle For Marley

The strength of the Beast Titan was a key factor in the success of the Scouts against Marley when the battle for Marley began. Zeke was the Warriors’ leader. He had decimated ODM users in the first battle for Shiganshina.

Zeke took a deliberate dive to avoid jeopardizing Eren’s mission and let Levi defeat him in seconds. Sasha would have been the only fatality in battle if he had not put up more resistance.

Villain: Zeke turned an entire village of innocent people into Titan Thralls

Zeke used his Shifter’s ability to transform the village residents into pure Titans in order cart titan to increase his numbers. Conny’s mom was one of them, but she was too weak to walk or join her new master.

Zeke’s willingness use innocent people to help him accomplish his mission was an expression of his moral abomination. This is likely an indication of Zeke’s nihilistic and apathetic outlook on life.

Even though Zeke’s plan was flawed, it would have brought an end to a conflict that had spanned generations if it were to be executed. There were unprecedented casualties as Eren won his battle.