You should update your AC system immediately

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By PeterLogan

Singapore is a hotspot for air conditioners. Without an AC system, it would be hard to live through the summer. Although air conditioners provide cooling relief, it is not always true. Sometimes, an AC unit may not work properly or cause additional problems during heat waves in Singapore. These problems are what usually prompt people to consider a Singapore AC system upgrade. If you are looking for reliable aircon servicing in Singapore Look at us. The aircon servicing singapore technicians are highly skilled and have many years of experience in the field. We provide a range of services that include repairs, chemical cleaning, and installation. We’re sure that you’ll be satisfied with our services for your air conditioner requirements in Singapore.

An older AC system is still worth keeping, especially if you have had it for a long time. Even in the best case scenario, AC replacement often offers many more attractive benefits. Cooling buildings in Singapore is easier with newer AC systems than older units.

Is your current air conditioning unit causing problems? Are you wondering if it is time to retire? Aircon of Singapore can help you make a decision. Aircon of Singapore has all the information you need to know about warning signs that your AC equipment may be failing. There are also many reasons people choose to have their AC systems updated.

5 AC System Update Signs

1. Constant Repairs
Do you have a HVAC professional who visits your home more often than your family members and friends? We are always open to establishing friendly relationships with Singaporeans, but we think it is important that you recognize the signs of a need for air conditioning repair.

For sudden problems, it’s common to call a professional AC repair service. Many HVAC professionals recommend that you have an annual preventative maintenance service for your AC system. Frequent repairs are an exception. You might be happier if you make frequent appointments to have your AC repaired.

The 50% Rule

Experts in the HVAC industry use the “50 percent rule” to determine if an AC system is failing. If your unit breaks down so regularly–or so catastrophically–that the cost of repairs exceeds fifty percent of its original value, then replacement is a better option.

2. Old age
While some machines in Singapore age gracefully, their years bring them prestige and admiration. Others tend to slow down and cause more problems for their owners. AC systems are often in the latter category. Even if your AC unit isn’t broken, you should be aware that costly repairs may be coming. You will feel more comfortable and have more peace of mind if you replace the old temperature technology.

What is too old?

Ten years is the minimum time that AC systems can be serviced effectively. While some units can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance, this is a rare exception in Singapore. The Energy Star program of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a replacement interval of ten years.

3. Performance changes
Is your outdoor unit getting louder? Is it running for longer periods? It’s not what you are imagining. Older AC systems tend to be louder and last longer. These changes to your AC service can have an impact on your cool comfort levels and other aspects of your life.

Although performance changes do not necessarily indicate that the unit needs to be replaced, it is a good idea to schedule service with your local HVAC company if there are any issues. These problems will only get worse with time. While repairs to loud noises or long cycles may be simple, air conditioner replacement is often recommended. Untreated issues can lead to catastrophic failures, which require replacement units.

4. Rising utility bills
While seasonal fluctuations in energy bills in Singapore are not unusual, steadily rising bills should be investigated. The efficiency of HVAC equipment is directly affected by age and wear. You might want to replace your AC unit if you are seeing an increase in your energy bills.

5. Your System Uses R-22 “Freon” Refrigerant
R-22 refrigerant (a.k.a. Freon) is no longer allowed to be manufactured or imported. Freon is available in the U.S. According to the EPA. This ban was imposed due to the harmful effects that R-22 leaks can have on Earth’s protective layer of ozone. It is legal to service older AC systems that use Freon. However, the maintenance of their refrigerant levels will require reclaimed, recycled or reclaimed Freon.