There are many reasons why you should start shooting videos in 4K

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By PeterLogan

It’s amazing to think that so many people resist shooting in 4K with 8K video just around the corner. These people are put off by large file sizes, slow editing, and videos taking too long to upload.

If you have not yet taken the leap to shoot in 4K, it is time. No more excuses. You’ll be glad you started shooting in 4K right away. Here are some reasons. CL 4K UHD Player – High Quality 4k video player App allows you to enjoy your favorite shows, movies and other videos in Ultra HD Quality. High quality videos can be viewed on your phone or SD card, and stream directly from the internet. This app can also be used to download your Whatsapp status.

4K gives you more options

You don’t have to shoot in 4K just because you are shooting in 4K. For most projects, 1080p will suffice. Shooting in 4K has the advantage of quadrupling your resolution. This allows you to zoom in more easily, as you have better source video.

This allows you to cut directly from close-ups and eliminates any jump-cuts completely. This effect is often seen in single-camera interviews. The perspective switches between a full-body shot and close-up shots of the interviewee speaking.

It can be done well, and you can use it to increase emphasis and connection with your subject.

4K Capture looks better

Even though your final product will be presented at 1080p resolution, 4K images will produce a better quality downsampled image. Although the image will not look four times better, four times as much information is required to produce a sharper result.

The possibility of color banding will be reduced as most 4K cameras have a higher bitrate. This will allow for more color detail, which can greatly improve gradual changes like deep blue skies and other solid colors.

The Future will be a blessing to you

Do you know how 1080p videos look on 720p? Did you ever remember the look of every Wii U game? This is how your 1080p videos will look on a large 4K screen. The HD video must be scaled to fit the 4K panel. There are some TVs that excel at this task better than others. The larger the screen, the worse it looks.

The situation isn’t going to get better. These 1080p videos won’t look great in five years, after you have bought an 8K TV with 16x the resolution as HD.

It will be a regrettable decision to sacrifice image quality in order to store space. This is especially true if you have precious memories.

Storage is Cheap

Storage requirements may also be a reason why you might not want to go 4K. The answer to your problem if you are shooting mostly on your smartphone is simple: Don’t store your videos on your phone for long periods of time. They are likely the largest hoarder of space in your pocket. Move them to your computer and keep them safe.

You can work around hardware limitations

The most common reason for continuing shooting at 1080p is a lack of editing grunt. This shouldn’t be a problem if your laptop or desktop has been upgraded in recent years.

The choice of the video editor you use can make a huge difference. Apple’s own tools, such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie, are preferred by many Mac users. They were specifically designed for Apple hardware. They are more optimized for Windows than their Windows counterparts.